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Health Care For Your Dachshund
Water A fresh and clean supply of water should be provided to your Dachshund at all times. Your Dachshund need for water increases as he expands energy during exercise, even more so in warmer weather conditions. So please remember to take a fresh supply of water with you when exercising or training your Dachshund.
Food We recommend high quality dry biscuits with fresh chicken or beef mince. Cooked mixed vegetables, rice or pasta also give good balance to your Dachshunds diet. Add a dollop of natural yoghurt daily. Puppies should be fed three times per day up until 12 months of age, while adult Dachsunds should be fed once per day.
Foot Care Educate your Dachshund early in life by getting them accustomed to nail trims. They will get used to nail clipping and will not be concerned about it as they mature. Some Dachshunds may require the trimming of any hair that may be growing between their toes.
Basic Training Training your Dachshund is a most important facet of their growing. Train regularly, but for short periods of time. Be consistent, patient and try to get your Dachshund into a routine, all dogs love routine. Most dogs respond best to body language rather than voice, be firm, with single word commands like “No”. Start with simple requests such as “Sit”, repetition is generally a good way to train your Dachshund. Remember to reward your puppy when he obeys your command, even a big hug or cuddle will suffice. Lead training is imperative at an early age, so get your Dachshund use to it.
Back Issues Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) is a inerited common health risk in Dachshunds. Gersndach Dachshunds are back Xrayed for IVDD by a qualified veterinarian. Exercise your Dachshund regularly to avoid weight gain, as additional weight may place more pressure on your Dachshunds spine. Limit the use of stairs, and avoid allowing your Dachshund to jump up on chairs or beds, as both of these activities may place strain on the spine. Use ramps as an alternative to stairs, and when lifting your Dachshund use two hands, one supporting the chest, the other supporting the back.
Ear Care Ear care is vital for the health and well being of your Dachshund. Clean regularly using a special formulated liquid. Use an eye dropper to place the cleaner into your Dachshunds ear, then gently massage the outside of the ear to work the cleaner into the ear. Clean with cotton wool, making sure you avoid probing into the ear canal.
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